Move #15  Step Up, Deflect, Parry and Punch

Start Posture Description

Most weight is on right foot which is a Baqua step. Left leg is resting on the ball of the foot with knee bending touching the back of right knee. 

  • Both arms are round with elbows angled down. 
  • Left palm is at heart level ahead of the right fist. Right fist is slightly lower than heart level.

Follow me

The video loops 5 times with breaks for you to return to the start posture and practice it again. Practice each move many times until you are able to do the move without watching the video.


Step by Step Instruction

Rise up on the right foot turning the torso to the right front corner.  Left palm continues to press forward and the right fist follows the turn of the body.  Bring the left foot forward, place the toe down.

Sink down to the right foot and the right fist turns down beside the right hip. Left palm pushes out to shoulder height.

Step out with the left foot. 

Rise up to the top of the head from the right foot, both legs straight. Right fist comes to center at heart-level, left palm turns down to centerline.  The right fist passes over the left wrist.

Sink down onto the left foot, punching the right fist forward, thumb towards the center of the body at heart level.  The left palm presses down above the left knee, fingertips toward the center of the body.

Square the hips to the left foot, keeping the right leg straight.

Before going to the next move, please complete the self assessment.

End Posture  Description

Most of the weight is on the left foot. Right leg is straight and both feet are flat on the floor. The shoulders and hips are squared to the left foot.

  • Left arm is round with the palm down above the knee.
  • Right arm is straight and fist is forward. Thumb lined up to the center of the body.

Practice from the beginning

To memorize the sequence, practice from the 1st move to the current move many times.