Move #17  Cross Hands

Start Posture Description

Most of the weight is on the left foot. Right leg is straight and both feet are flat on the floor. The shoulders and hips are squared to the left foot.

  • Both palms are extended forward at shoulder level.

Follow me

The video loops 5 times with breaks for you to return to the start posture and practice it again. Practice each move many times until you are able to do the move without watching the video.


Step by Step Instruction

Rise up to the top of the head from the left foot and extend the fingertips forward and up to forehead level.

Turn to the right by pivoting on the left heel. Pivot on the right toe, so that the right heel turns in so both feet are parallel. Continue to extend the fingers bringing the hands above head level.

Sink down on both feet bringing the arms and hands down. 

Shift the weight to the left foot, bring the right foot a half step closer to left foot. Cross the arms at the wrists, fingertips down.  

Stand up on the left foot, rotate forearms, palms facing inward, wrists crossed. Arms are round as if hugging a ball. As you stand up, the weight shifts to both feet. 

As the body stands up to the top of the head, let the hands separate and relax down.

Daily practice is recommended to get the most out of Tai Chi exercise.

Practice the complete set 4 or 5 times every day.

TaiChi17 complete set in normal pace

End Posture  Description

Stand with your feet parallel. Weight is equally distributed and in the center of the feet.

  • Arms are relaxed and hanging down beside the body.

Practice from the beginning

To memorize the sequence, practice from the 1st move to the current move many times.