July 1 - 5, 2017 Wroclaw TaiChi Workshop

July 1st videos were not downloaded and was deleted from my Camcorder. Sorry.

Please watch the Newfoundland's workshop videos. Or watch the videos of Vernon Intensives in July and August. Here is the link -   .they were on similar topics.

Tai Chi moves in circular way
To make a stronger ball - form it with 3 circles
Aware of the TWO - 2 weigths and 2 sides
Different move has different intention
Body needs to be loose before learning push hand exercise
Let the inside weight flow down to the hip
July 3 - Joints loosening exercises
July 3 - Expand or Push part 1
July 3 - Expand or Push part 2
July 3 - Feel the round form and other feelings
July 3 - Move #2
July 3 - Q&A on Weight Transfer
July 3 - on Move #3
July 3 - Q and A on differences between Press and Push actions.